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Last Stand Gamers

"I have been broadcasting on Twitch for a long time! I am here to share moments with you with my gaming videos. I am here with my popular computer games and interesting YouTube broadcasts. Enjoy watching!"

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Image by Axville


Welcome to my Website. I have been operating in the publishing industry for more than 1 year. My purpose in opening a website is to both introduce myself to you and to show you and announce my publications. My goal in the broadcasts I share and shoot on my social media channels is to rediscover with you the happiness I experience at certain moments in games. Games, in general, cover the majority of my life and I can say that they are a truly great passion for me. Yes the key word is passion! My mission is for us to grow and develop together and become a big family. My live broadcasts will be broadcast on my Twitch channel. I wish everyone a good time. (11).png
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